To configure your Camí de Cavalls 360º just follow these steps:

CHOOSE THE NUMBER OF STAGES Depending on your preferences, you can do from 13 to 6 stages.
CHOOSE A VARIANT Entire tour of 360º, northern half 180º N or southern half 180º S.
CHOOSE THE STARTING POINT You can start from Maó or Ciutadella.
CHOOSE THE DATES You can do it when it suits you best. We are open throughout the year!

Levels and variants

The route 360º Hiking and Trekking runs along the GR 223 – Camí de Cavalls in its entirety. Still, 360° offers alternatives, variations and detours to make the best of a route with a unique attractiveness.

It is very important to choose the suitable level of difficulty in order to enjoy the route. Every level offer three different possibilities: entire tour (360º), only the northern half (180º N) or only the southern half (180º S).

360º 180º N 180º S
Level 1 13 stages 7 stages 6 stages
Level 2 10 stages 5 stages 5 stages
Level 3 8 stages 4 stages 4 stages
Level 4 7 stages 4 stages 3 stages
Level 5 6 stages 3 stages 3 stages