How Camí de Cavalls 360º works

Camí de Cavalls 360º is a non-competitive activity organized by 40 Nord Outdoor S.L. The goal of the participants is to finish one of the variants of the route (360º, 180º North or 180º South) while enjoying the activity and the scenery. The route is done in self-guided format, with support from the map and the trail book provided by the organization.

Camí de Cavalls 360º is a tour done in stages, and therefore the overnight stay will be at the end of the stage whenever possible. When there is only one accommodation option at the end of a stage, this option will be offered regardless of whether participants had expressed preference for standard accommodation or comfort.

When there is no accommodation available at the end or the beginning of the stage, the organization of Camí de Cavalls 360º will provide the transfer of participants to the accommodation or to the beginning of the stage. Transfer schedules are set by the Camí de Cavalls 360º staff, although we try to fit as much as possible to the preferences of each participant or group of participants. If some additional transfers are desired, they will go on behalf of the participants themselves, except when they are hired or agreed in advance with the organization of Camí de Cavalls 360º.

The entire material included in the 360º Pass package (map, trail book, tracks, etc.), except the T-shirt or cycling jersey, will be handed to the participants at the beginning of the route.

It is not recommended to do the route with e-bike.

The maximum size of the groups is 16 participants.


Camí de Cavalls 360º has a wide range of accommodation available to participants. They all offer the minimum services necessary to meet the needs of participants in the different modalities. The booking of these accommodations will be integrated in the registration to the activity.

The different accommodations are classified in two generic categories: “standard” (apartments, aparthotel, hostels and hotels up to 3 stars) and “comfort” (apartments, aparthotels, agritourism, rural hotels and hotels from 3 stars). These categories are merely indicative and imply a preference manifested by the participant at the time of booking. When configuring the program, it will always prevail the actual availability of any collaborator accommodation at the end of the stage finish, regardless if it is standard or comfort.

Participants to Camí de Cavalls 360º are subject like any other guest to the booking and use conditions of all accommodations included in the program..

If you decide to make a last minute change of accommodation without the approval of Camí de Cavalls 360º organization, this change will not involve a refund of the night in the accommodation previously booked.

Formalize, pay or cancel your reservation

FORMALIZATION OF THE RESERVATION. Registration to Camí de Cavalls 360º can only be done with previous reservation through our website. To book Camí de Cavalls 360º you will have to fill in and send the prereservation form that you will find on this website. After that, you will receive an e-mail with a program containing the stages planning, the type of accommodations included and the total amount. The minimum notice to formalize a reservation is one week before the start of the activity.

The reservation will be considered formalized when the deposit and the personal data corresponding to all the participants of a group have been received. The requested data is the following: first and last name, ID or passport number, date of birth, mobile phone (with international code), email and address (as well as the details needed to book the extra services, when applicable).

CONFIRMATION OF AVAILABILITY. Any program is subject to the availability of the accommodations included. In the following 5 days after the confirmation we will proceed to do the reservations of the accommodations and services included in the program. In the case that some of them are not available, the participants will be informed of any changes that may be made to the program. Participants will have 48 hours to accept the proposed changes. In case of not accepting the proposed changes within this period, the full amount of the deposit will be refunded; in the case of not responding, it will be understood that the proposed changes are accepted.

PAYMENT OF THE RESERVATION. The outstanding balance of the reservation must be paid a minimum of five days before the start of the activity.

CANCELLATION OF THE RESERVATION. If participants cancel a reservation after the availability confirmation period, the remaining portion of the amount will be returned once € 30 per participant for management costs and possible cancellation costs for accommodation and services have been deducted. If the cancellation occurs in two weeks prior to the start of the program, the same rule will apply, except that the management costs will be € 50 per participant. The cancellation once the program starts will not involve any kind of refund.

If the cancellation affects a number of participants but not the entire reservation, the same conditions will apply to the part of the reservation affected by the cancellation. In addition, changing the number of participants may alter the final price of the program.

Participants will be able to transfer the registration to another person, as long as they communicate it with a minimum notice of 5 days. This option will be subject to the payment of € 10 for management fees.

Camí de Cavalls 360º is an outdoor activity that involves a certain element of adventure. Therefore, the weather is not ground for cancellation nor modification of the activity.

CHANGES IN THE RESERVATION. Once formalized, any change will be subject to the payment of a 50 € administration fee per reservation, plus the cost of the changes requested in the program. Changes that simply consist of adding -not changing- nights of accommodation or extra services will not be subject to the payment of administration fees.

ACCEPTANCE OF THE REGULATIONS. Confirmation of the reservation implies the acceptance of the above conditions, as well as everything set in the Camí de Cavalls 360º regulation, which can be found in the “Regulations” section of our website.


Withdrawal of any participant will have to be communicated to Camí de Cavalls 360º organization team on the same day it takes place, and does not involve a refund of the amount paid.

General recommendations

Participants have to bring the equipment needed to carry out the activity: appropriate clothes and shoes and, if you are taking it with MTB, a bike in good conditions and complete repair kit and spare parts. The use of helmet is mandatory for the MTB modality.

It should be noted that the route goes long stretches without road access and sometimes without mobile coverage, so you have to be self-sufficient in the greatest extent possible. In the case of doing the route with an eBike, the possible breakdowns related to specific parts of an eBike or the fact that they run out of battery will not be a reason for route assistance.

Paying respect to the environment is an absolute priority, because almost all Camí de Cavalls goes through protected natural areas. In some cases the route goes through very fragile ecological zones, so it will be necessary to maximize precautions. Do not yell or make excessive noise, do not leave any rubbish and leave the tracks as you would like to find them. If you do the route on MTB, try not to drive aggressively to prevent soil erosion, and drive careful when meeting other path users, whether they are on MTB or go on foot or horseback.

Along the route you will find many wooden doors, which must always be left the way you found them. The ethnological and cultural heritage is also part of the route and should be respected.

We recommend that you pay for insurance. When booking, you will have the option to contract a tailor-made insurance for the days you plan to be on tour. You can find all the information under the extra services section.

During the tour it is required that at least one group member carries the trail book and map provided by the organization of Camí de Cavalls 360º.

Acceptance of regulations

Making a prereservation, a request for quotation or the formalization of a reservation imply acceptance of each and every point described above.