10 environmentally friendly measures

These are 10 of the measures we take to ensure that our race is as respectful as possible for the environment in which it takes place:

  1. Carrying out actions for the conservation of the Camí de Cavalls. During 2017, the activities Camí de Cavalls 360º and Epic 360º raised € 7,848 for this purpose.
  2. Marking with the bib number the wrappers of bars, gels and the like.
  3. Avoid using disposable glasses in the supplies.
  4. Special signalling in the sections of the race course that are especially fragile.
  5. Selective collection of waste at all points of the race.
  6. Signalling the route with the minimum anticipation and removing it as quickly as possible. Using of reusable signalling wherever it is possible.
  7. Limiting the number of participants to avoid as much as possible a high concentration of people in natural spaces.
  8. Doing silence in fragile environmental zones.
  9. Recommending a non aggressive with the terrain bike riding style, and doing some sections on foot when this is indicated by the authorities.
  10. Carrying out a pedagogical task with the participants in order to increase their environmental awareness and respect for other path users, not only during the race but also during the rest of the year.