2022-03-08 Lukas Kaufmann

Total time


Date 2022-03-08
Start hour 07:01:36
Start point Maó
Direction Counter Clockwise
Supported Yes
Solo Yes
Gender Male
Coming from Austria
2022-03-08 Lukas Kaufmann
In March 2019 I flew to the island of Menorca on my mountain bike for the first time to take part in the Cami de Cavalls 360 event. At that time I came with a hardtail and therefore the trail was even more strenuous to drive. The fact that the path is so well as always runs by the sea and is well signposted, I liked it so much that I decided to come again.

Last year I finally took part in the trail run event together with my girlfriend and now I fulfilled a big one Dream: Cami de Cavalls 360 Non-Stop :) Equipped with a fully, I started on March 8th at 7 a.m. at sunrise in Mao and spent an unforgettable day on the bike - after 12 hours and 34 minutes I had the 184-kilometer route with 3350 climbed and crossed the finish line in the dark. The Cami de Cavalls is a dream for anyone who likes to ride their bikes in technically demanding terrain - I will definitely come again and eventually drive around the island in under 12 hours :)

Our film about this project should also be finished in the next few days and I hope that I can use it to motivate many mountain bikers and runners to conquer this brilliant path too!


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