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Sargantanes de l’Illa de l’Aire (Foto: Lluís Gelabert – FotoBorn).

The trip of the lizard

This endemic reptile, known by the scientific name of ‚Podarcis lilfordi‘, is one of the symbols of Menorca. Currently it only survives on several islets, but its ‘personality’ is projected much further.   It can be seen on many T-shirts, drawn on personalized abarcas, on key chains and kitchen magnets… Its sinuous silhouette shapes decorative […]

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Dos dies de senderisme per Menorca (Foto: The Adventure Bakery).

Try hiking Menorca in two days

The Menorca 360º Hike 2 days program offers two fifteen-kilometers walks to discover different facets of the island. Participants go through natural areas, small coves and some of the main Menorcan ravines at their own pace.   Are you curious to know what Menorca can offer you from a hiking perspective? Come to test it […]

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Barrera d'ullastre al Camí de Cavalls (Foto: Oriol Batista).

The arader’s hand on the paths of Menorca

The gates and rails made of wild olive tree wood are a characteristic element of the rural paths of the island. Its rustic look, which gives the Menorcan trails a unique personality, is the work of master craftsmen who embody an ancient tradition.   Anyone who has gone through the rural paths of Menorca, either […]

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Senderisme pel Parc Natural de s’Albufera des Grau (Foto: The Adventure Bakery).

Four days to explore Menorca at the island’s pace

Walking, biking and paddling are the activities that best adapt to the pace of Menorca. The Explore 4 days program of Menorca 360º allows you to discover the island’s treasures and enjoy this land of contrasts as well as the practice of sustainable outdoor activities.   Menorca can be enjoyed in many ways, but possibly […]

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Menorca in colors; the geology of the island

Geological characteristics have a big influence on Menorca landscapes. Stone and rock are key elements and define the chromatic diversity of the island and many of its most recognizable views.   What colors define the Menorca essence? At first glance, many visitors may get the impression that it would be the crystalline turquoise of the […]

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Cala en Calderer (Foto: Jordi Saragossa).

Menorca, Biosphere Reserve

What does the declaration of the island’s land and maritime territory as a Biosphere Reserve imply? A guarantee for the balance and harmony between human beings and the environment to guide Menorca’s future.   Sustainability is a concept that could be synonymous with Menorca. The relationship between man and nature has been a constant in […]

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Foto: The Adventure Bakery.

The whole Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º history

The nine editions of this unique race have allowed its participants to go around Menorca in three stages on foot or by mountain bike, either in teams of two members or alone. We review its entire history, from the beginning in 2015 to the conclusion of 2023.   In December 2023, we have announced the […]

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Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º. Beyond goodbye

After nine editions, we have managed to place the Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º at the top of its history. The Epic has become bigger than ever and the management of the event has grown at all levels. At this moment, we have decided to put an end to a project of almost ten years […]

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Gerard Minoves a l'ARTIEM Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º Menorca 2023 (Foto: The Adventure Bakery).

Miguel Heras (TrailRun) and Gerard Minoves (MTB), winners of the ARTIEM Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º Menorca 2023

Ismael Esteban (MTB) wins the third stage, followed by Ismael Ventura and Guillem Cassú. Alfonsina Peppa triumphs in the women’s category (TrailRun). Aritz Egea and Oihana Kortazar both hold on to first place (Experience). The ninth edition of the ARTIEM Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º Menorca concluded today with the hard-fought third stage. The route […]

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Aritz Egea en la ARTIEM Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º Menorca 2023 (Foto: The Adventure Bakery).

Ismael Esteban recovers and Miguel Heras shines in stage 2 of the ARTIEM Epic Camí de Cavalls 360º Menorca 2023

The top finalists in the general classification of the different categories do not budge after a more comfortable second stage. Víctor del Águila wins the TrailRun with Miguel Heras breathing down his neck. Alfonsina Peppa (TR), Aritz Egea and Oihana Kortazar (EXP) continue to dominate   Cala Galdana [4 November 2023] The second stage of […]

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