Dos dies de senderisme per Menorca (Foto: The Adventure Bakery).

Try hiking Menorca in two days

The Menorca 360º Hike 2 days program offers two fifteen-kilometers walks to discover different facets of the island. Participants go through natural areas, small coves and some of the main Menorcan ravines at their own pace.


Are you curious to know what Menorca can offer you from a hiking perspective? Come to test it with Menorca 360º and discover the possibilities of the island in a couple of days. Our Hike 2 days program is the best option to discover some of the most special landscapes of the island at your own pace.

We have selected two easy routes for you to feel like hiking through two islands in one. As a participant, you just have to focus on walking and enjoying each step. We advise you on the itinerary and give you a map, an information brochure and all GPS tracks.

In addition, we take care of all the logistics. The program includes two nights of accommodation at the Artiem Capri hotel in Maó, as well as the transfers from the hotel to the start of the stage and from the end of the stage back to the hotel. We also offer route assistance, in case of minor indisposition of a participant.

Els socarrells són presents en molts paisatges menorquins (Foto: The Adventure Bakery).
‘Socarrells’ are present in so many Menorcan landscapes (Photo: The Adventure Bakery).

If you want to know what you are going to find in these two routes, we explain it to you below:

Day 1: Sa Mesquida – Favàritx

Distance: 15 km | Elevation gain: 320 m

This route runs to the north of Maó and goes into the Parc Natural de S’Albufera des Grau. This is the most important natural area in Menorca, the core area of ​​the Biosphere Reserve and a spot with excellent conditions to enjoy birdwatching.

The way allows you to get acquainted with some examples of the most characteristic vegetation of the island. Flowers of heather, myrtle and cistus dye the landscape in white on springtime. It is also possible to admire some communities of socarrells, a type of endemic shrub that adopts a characteristic spiny cushion shape.

Likewise, the itinerary allows you to enjoy the always charming landscapes of small coves and invites you to stop and record the details on your retina… and on the camera. You can also see historic defensive towers, while the entire final stretch is dominated by the figure of Far de Favàritx, which marks the northeastern tip of Menorca.

Descobrint què pot donar de si el senderisme a Menorca (Foto: The Adventure Bakery).
Discovering the possibilities of hiking in Menorca (Photo: The Adventure Bakery).

Day 2: Son Bou – Es Canutells

Distance: 15 km | Elevation gain: 270 m

The second day of hiking allows you to discover a completely different island. The route runs through the south of Menorca and follows the storyline of the ravines that cross this area and shape its landscape.

To begin with, the Son Bou residential area has the longest sandy beach in the whole Menorca, four kilometers long. Then, the route descends through the stony Barranc de Llucalari. It explores the wide Barranc de Cala en Porter which, with its twelve kilometers, is the longest in the south of the island and a true example of greenery. And it still goes into the secluded Calescoves ravine, which stands out for the impressive Talayotic necropolis into which it ends.

Calescoves (Foto: Camí de Cavalls 360º).
Calescoves (Photo: Camí de Cavalls 360º).