What a great experience!

As a woman traveling alone in her late fifties, I immediately felt well taken care of by this crew. At the start there was a detailed briefing and during the tour further instructions or tips followed if you wanted. The accommodations were well located, comfortable according to the category and fulfilled their purpose: that one could move on immediately again the next morning on the Camí. Where a driving service was necessary, it all worked out perfectly. The crew of Camí de Cavalls 360° was incredibly helpful and always in a good mood.

The landscapes change from stage to stage, which makes this route so charming. But most of the time you have the sea and the coast in view. In the north, the lover of wild and steep coasts gets his money’s worth, in the south, those who prefer to roam through pine forests and stretch his feet into the turquoise blue water in one of the countless calas. For me it was a unique experience, which I would like to repeat again. But next time I would take more time and walk the Camí in more than 8 stages. So I have more time during the hike to enjoy the scenery, take photos and at the finish I would have even more energy to explore the surroundings.