2022-02-18 Lachlan Morton

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2022-02-18 Lachlan Morton
Had such a great day out on the Camí de Cavalls. What a trail! If you love flow, you’ll hate this. It’s techy, rocky, sandy and you have to work for every meter. That’s what makes it so rewarding.

I’m happy to have got the fastest time, but I am also sure it will be broken. That’s why I focused on my experience first. When the record is long gone I’ll be left with the memories of my ride and I was happy to have filled it with positive ones. You never own a record, you just do you best to progress it. I recommend this route to anyone looking for a great adventure.

Thanks to @hihowareyouuu for being my constant support team and sacrificing so much so I can chase my goals. Thanks for the invite @camidecavalls360, you have a great route here and it’s great to see you embrace it. Thanks @efprocycling for supporting me on the adventures I throw out. @ridecannondale scalpel was a dream out there. Thanks also to @artiemhotels for a great stay. Photo: @jsaragossa


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