Overnight stay

Participants have two options for overnight stays in the town of Es Mercadal, the main location of the race.


Overnight stay in the municipal sports center

The organization will provide a public space for overnight stay at the municipal sports center of Es Mercadal. The use of a mat, inflatable mattress or similar is recommended.

In addition, it should be noted that weather conditions in early March can be strict winter, so it is recommended to use proper sleeping bag and clothes according to this circumstance, since there is no heating.

Price and reservation of the overnight stay

Overnight stay will be free, but it is needed to make a reservation by adding the corresponding extra, as a deposit, the amount of which will be returned at the end of the race, as long as you have made use of overnight service.

Availability of the overnight stay

The overnight space availability is limited and will be granted by registration order.

Rules to bear in mind

  • Eating is not allowed.
  • You may not enter the overnight area with dirty shoes -a proper space to leave them will be enabled at the entrance- or perform any activity that may damage the floor.
  • At 22:00 the lights will be turned off and everybody must remain silent.
  • In addition, the general rules of the facility must be respected.

Accommodation at Hostal Jeni

Hostal Jeni is the only accommodation available in Es Mercadal at the time of the race. Ideal for those who want to rest comfortably after the tough stages.

The reservation can be made at the time of registration or later from My team private space. In any case, the capacity of the hostel is limited, so it is recommended to book it as soon as possible.